21 Piece Chef Starter Kit – Premium by Club Chef


Containing German steel knives, additional items and a larger carry case, our Premium Plus starter kit has everything a student will need for their studies.

All items are of commercial quality and arrive at your doorstep packed and ready for use. Featuring razor sharp, high quality German steel blades and an ergonomic handle with unprecedented levels of grip and comfort, the Club Chef Premium knife range define ‘value for money’!

100376 Cooks Knife- 21cm- Premium- Club Chef
100379 Boning Knife- 15cm- Rigid- Premium- Club Chef
100380 Filleting Knife- 21cm- Flex- Premium- Club Chef
100378 Turning Knife- 8cm- Premium- Club Chef
100377 Paring Knife- 9cm- Premium- Club Chef
102005 Cooks Fork- 18cm- Premium- Club Chef
104895 Steel- Sharpening- 25cm- Club Chef
100603 Spatula- 20cm- Straight- Club Chef
100374 Scraper- Bowl- Plastic- Club Chef
102390 Peeler- U Shape- Club Chef
100361 Whisk- Piano Wire- 30cm- Club Chef
14 Wooden Spoon- 30cm- Beechwood
100368 Piping Bag- 40cm- Club Chef
103307 Piping Nozzles- Set Of 7 Plain- Plastic
103308 Piping Nozzles- Set Of 7 Star- Plastic
1057 Pastry Brush- 25mm- Wood Handle- Natural Bristles
105185 Spatula- Silicone- 250mm- Heat Resistant To 260c- Club Chef
100364 Tongs- 23cm- S/S- Club Chef
100442 Tea Towel- 46x77cm- Cotton- Club Chef
105326 Thermometer- Digital- FAST READ- Club Chef
104912 Stone- Sharpening- Whetstone 240/ 800grit- Club Chef
6093 Padlock- Brass- 20mm
5342 Knife Case- 17piece- Club Chef

Items in image are not to scale