21 Piece Chef Starter Kit- Club Chef Classic Forged with 25cm Cooks


Featuring forged German steel knives, this is a top class professional knife set
without the exorbitant price tag. We have customers using these knives in preference to Wusthof Trident!

“If I was handed it with no branding I could easily confuse it for a Wusthof. They are nice and sharp, and easy to maintain an edge.”
Joe Grbac – Owner & Head Chef, Saint Crispin – Melbourne (former Head Chef, The Press Club – Melbourne)

All items are of commercial quality and arrive at your doorstep packed and ready for use. If you are purchasing in bulk for a class set please contact us for a special bulk price.

100671 Cooks Knife- 25cm- Classic- Club Chef
100676 Boning Knife- 15cm- Classic- Club Chef
100677 Filleting Knife- 18cm- Classic- Club Chef
100672 Turning Knife- 8cm- Classic- Club Chef
100673 Paring Knife- 9cm- Classic- Club Chef
104896 Steel- Sharpening- 30cm- Club Chef
100603 Spatula- 20cm- Straight- Club Chef
100374 Scraper- Bowl- Plastic- Club Chef
102390 Peeler- U Shape- Club Chef
100361 Whisk- Piano Wire- 30cm- Club Chef
14 Wooden Spoon- 30cm- Beechwood
100368 Piping Bag- 40cm- Club Chef
103307 Piping Nozzles- Set Of 7 Plain- Plastic
103308 Piping Nozzles- Set Of 7 Star- Plastic
1057 Pastry Brush- 25mm- Wood Handle- Natural Bristles
105185 Spatula- Silicone- 250mm- Heat Resistant To 260c- Club Chef
100364 Tongs- 23cm- S/S- Club Chef
100442 Tea Towel- 46x77cm- Cotton- Club Chef
105326 Thermometer- Digital- FAST READ- Club Chef
104912 Stone- Sharpening- Whetstone 240/ 800grit- Club Chef
6093 Padlock- Brass- 20mm
5342 Knife Case- 17piece- Club Chef