21 Piece Chef Starter Kit - Premium

21 Piece Chef Starter Kit - Premium

ITEM NO. 100463

Containing German steel knives, additional items and a larger carry case, our Premium Plus starter kit has everything a student will need for their studies.

Club Chef Premium Cooks 20cm
Club Chef Premium Boning 15cm
Club Chef Premium Filleting 21cm
Club Chef Premium Paring Knife 9cm
Club Chef Premium Turning Knife 6cm
Club Chef Palette Knife 20cm
Club Chef Cooks Fork 15cm
Club Chef Sharpening Steel 25cm
Wooden Spoon
Rubber Spatula/Scraper
Whisk Stainless Steel 30cm
Tongs Stainless Steel 23cm
Piping Nozzle Star & Plain
Lwt Piping Bag 40Cm
Pocket Thermometer
Pastry Brush 2.5cm
Club Chef Speed Peeler
Club Chef Combination Sharpening Oil stone
Bowl Scraper
Tea Towel
Club Chef Knife Carry Case 17 Piece

Items in image are not to scale

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