11 Piece Chef Starter Kit- Classic Forged

11 Piece Chef Starter Kit- Classic Forged

ITEM NO. 100833

Featuring forged German steel knives, this is a top class professional knife set without the exorbitant price tag. We have customers using these knives in preference to Wusthof Trident!

"If I was handed it with no branding I could easily confuse it for a Wusthof. They are nice and sharp, and easy to maintain an edge."
Joe Grbac - Owner & Head Chef, Saint Crispin – Melbourne (former Head Chef, The Press Club – Melbourne)

All items are of commercial quality and arrive at your doorstep packed and ready for use. If you are purchasing in bulk for a class set please contact us for a special bulk price.

100670 Cooks Knife 21cm Club Chef Classic
100673 Paring Knife 9cm Club Chef Classic
100672 Turning Knife 8cm Club Chef Classic
7935 Spatula 20cm Standard
14 Wooden Spoon 30cm
100361 Whisk Piano Wire 30cm
100358 Spoon Serving Perforated
100374 Scraper
368 Peeler
1057 Pastry Brush 25mm
6941 Roll Bag