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Frequently Asked Questions

Washing Instructions

Chef garments are exposed to every kind of stain imaginable on a daily basis. From sauces to wine, coffee, chocolate, oil splatters, beetroot and even blood, it can be difficult to maintain clean and presentable whites.

Whilst wearing an apron is the best preventative measure to protect your whites, stains will still inevitably find their way onto exposed areas.

In a busy kitchen environment it is not always practical to deal with stains when they occur, but the most effective stain removal will be achieved if the garment is washed as soon as possible.

For general washing, Club Chef recommends hand washing​ your garments ​in warm water or on a gentle machine cycle with a mild detergent.

If you still have stubborn stains after washing once, we recommend soaking for an hour or more in warm water with an oxygen-based detergent.

For oil-based stains, try the same soaking method but use dishwashing detergent. For coffee, red wine, or tomato stains, try soaking garments in white vinegar.

After soaking, wash as normal in warm or cold water using a bleach-free detergent.

For meat/blood stains, proteins from meat will cook in to the fabric if washed in warm or hot water and the stain is will become extremely hard to remove.

For this reason we recommend a cold salt water soak and cold water wash only.

If stains still persist, we recommend soaking in Vanish Oxi action, which contains low levels of bleach. While bleach will effectively remove stains, it also breaks down cotton fibres and reduces the longevity of your garment. For this reason we generally only recommend bleach based products for the toughest stains or for revitali​s​ing chef jackets when they are approaching replacement age.